On account of its red lattice covering and green “living veneer,” Oasia Hotel Downtown stands apart from its dull-hued neighbors in Singapore’s focal business locale.

Development of the 624-foot inn began in 2012 and was finished in 2016, per a WOHA Architects factsheet shipped off Insider. WOHA Architects is a Singapore-based engineering firm that is behind the structure’s plan. It cost an expected 138 million Singapore dollars ($100 million) to construct the inn.

The engineers chosen the red aluminum network base since they needed to make areas of strength for an against the vegetation and the blue sky, per the factsheet. The lattice stretches out over the highest point of building, making a crown rooftop that gives the plants an additional a 140 feet to develop. Today, the outside is shrouded in 21 types of creeper plants organized at various levels in view of how much daylight they need, their versatility to the breeze, and how quick they develop.

Photographs from Google Maps Street View show how the plants have gradually assumed control over the structure. This is what the inn resembled in July 2016, when development was recently finished:

A portion of the plants follow different sprouting cycles, making a veneer that changes its appearance at different times consistently, per the factsheet.

By February 2018, vegetation was beginning to surpass the lower portions of the inn: