Fortnite has been available in China since 2018, but has been unable to rise from the beta stage due to government restrictions. Now, Fortnite developers have officially announced that they have shut down Fortnite servers in China.

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An official statement from Fortnite did not elaborate, but it is possible that the Chinese government continues to impose strict restrictions on the gaming industry. For example, the Chinese government recently passed a law restricting children from playing games, and children under the age of 18 could not play games for more than three hours a week.

Fortnite Pulled by Epic Games From China Over Sweeping Crackdown on Tech  Sector | Technology News

Fortnite’s business model is no longer working in China, as it has become increasingly difficult to sell virtual items in China. As a result, Fortnite shut down Chinese servers on November 15, making the game unavailable in China.

Fortnite made a good start in 2018 when it first landed in China and attracted a lot of interest. About 10 million people pre-registered to play the game. Now Fortnite has left China.