Apple has announced a self-service repair service for iPhone users. 

The program allows iPhone buyers to customize their phones using original Apple accessories and tools. The Self-Service Repair program will be launched in the United States in early 2022 and will be expanded to other countries.

The recently released iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Series More than 200 accessories and tools, including screens and cameras, will be available at Apple’s new Repair Store, according to the BBC. Later, the Self Service Repair program will expand to include products and repairs.

The first step is to get the most serviced display on your iPhone. The focus will be on components such as batteries and cameras, and more services will be added in the years to come. MacBook Air with Apple M1 chips; 13-inch MacBook Pro; Mac products such as the Mac mini and the 24-inch iMac will also be covered. 

The company says the self-service repair program is aimed at individual technicians with experience repairing electronics. 

“By making it easier to buy authentic Apple products, customers will have more choices when they need it,” said Jeff Williams, Apple COO. 

Dozens of states in the United States have proposed Right-To-Repair laws, and Apple has opposed them. In 2019, Apple filed a lawsuit against California lawmakers alleging that a customer could repair the phone while the lithium-ion battery in the iPhone could accidentally catch fire while repairing the phone.