An amusement park in Taiwan has ignited an objection in the wake of offering advantages to guests wearing school garbs with short skirts.

Leofoo Village Th eme Park is selling vigorously limited confirmation tickets — valued at NT$500 ($17) rather than the typical NT$999 — to anybody who makes an appearance in their school regalia, per Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA).

Moreover, those wearing school uniform skirts that end something like 10cm (3.9 inches) over their knees can likewise guarantee a free photograph shoot, the power source detailed.

The mission has ignited a rush of shock among the individuals who say that it typifies ladies, per CNA.

“There’s a scurrilous thing about this,” read a remark on an internet based discussion, per the power source.

Wu Tzu-ying, the chief secretary of the Modern Women’s Foundation non-benefit bunch, let CNA know that the recreation area’s advancement could prompt security concerns and increment the gamble of ladies having upskirt photographs taken of them.

A delegate from the recreation area let the power source know that the mission is intended to give understudies an “extraordinary trip” to stamp the finish of the school year. The delegate added that there are no limitations on the orientation or age of any guests who wish to catch the limited tickets, and that implies that men can likewise appear in school garbs with skirts.

Leo0foo Village Theme Park didn’t quickly answer Insider’s solicitation for input. As per its site, the continuous advancement runs until August 31.